What Makes a Smart Home & How to Smarten Up Yours

What makes a Smart Home you ask? Well, Coldwell Banker and CNET recently defined a Smart Home as any home which has:

  1. A reliable high-speed wireless connection.

  2. ONE Smart Home device from either the Temperature or Security category.

  3. At least TWO more Smart Home devices of any category. Here are some of the main Smart Device categories: Temperature, Appliances, Security, Lighting, Entertainment, Outdoors

The next obvious question is then: What is a smart home device? A smart home device is any device that is "network-connected and used for optimizing, automating or controlling functions such as temperature, lighting, security, safety or entertainment either remotely by phone, computer, or tablet, or a separate system within the home itself." (Coldwell Banker/CNET)

Why is any of this relevant? Well, in 2010, less than .5% of all American households had some sort of smart technology. By 2017 that number has increased to 12%, with qualified Smart Homes having an average of six smart devices! T3 Sixty did a survey and found over 78% of  respondents said that buyers were willing to pay more for a Smart Home. All this leads us to the conclusion that Smart technology are a great investment both for streamlining efficiency and ease of use in the home, and for adding value to a home. It's a no-brainer addition to make.

The Smart Home Staging Kit from Coldwell Banker.

The Smart Home Staging Kit from Coldwell Banker.

Some of the most popular Smart Home Devices can be found in the Smart Home Staging Kit, offered by Coldwell Banker at a discounted price if purchased through a Smart Homes Expert like myself! It includes winners like the August Lock, Nest Thermostat, and Lutron Lighting. 

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