Millbrae & San Bruno Market Activity Report

With the Spring in full swing and the first quarter officially over, it's time for our local market activity report. Thank you for checking in with this week's Monday Realtor's blog from Sweet 650 Homes.

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Millbrae Market Activity 

Median Estimated Home Value in Millbrae is now at $1.61 million, up 8% from April of 2017.

Median List Price for a Millbrae home is $1.55 million. This is up 10.8% from one year ago.

There are currently 8 new homes on the market, with 6 of them listed for sale in April. They range in price from $1.19 million to $2.99 million. 

There are 9 pending listings, meaning homes that have gone into contract but have not "closed" and thus are not yet considered sold.

20 Millbrae homes have been recently sold, with two of them closing in April, four closing in March, and the other 14 closing in January and February. The lowest price of a recently sold Millbrae home was $900,000, while the highest was $2.425 million.

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San Bruno Market Activity

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Median Estimated Home Value for San Bruno is at $1.01 million, which is up a whopping 15.1% from one year ago.

Median List Price, or advertised price, is at $875,000, which is up 12% from April of 2017. 

There are 13 new homes for sale in San Bruno, with seven of them having hit the market in April and most of the rest in March. They range in list price from $849,000 to $1.56 million. 

13 San Bruno homes are pending, or in contract but not yet sold. 16 homes have been recently sold, with three of them closing in March and the other 13 closing in January or February. The highest home sale price was $2 million, and the lowest was $625,000. No San Bruno homes have sold as of April but that will change very soon given the amount of pending listings. 

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