How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

Welcome back to yet another installment of the San Mateo real estate blog, a.k.a. the Sweet 650 Homes blog! This week we touch on a lighter subject which at the same time is one of extreme importance, and undoubtedly one of the hardest decisions any of us ever make: Which mattress should I buy? So let’s get into it…

1. Mattress engineering: The most purchased mattress setups are easily ones with either an inner-spring makeup, memory foam, and adjustable air. When it comes to durability, and customization per sleeping styles, there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

2. Firmness: Mattress firmness is likely the largest contributing factor to your sleep quality. Mattresses that are too firm or too plush (soft) can lead to backaches and shoulder pains, so I highly recommend testing out a mattress for at least 20 minutes at the mattress dealer prior to buying.

3. Body Position: A mattress should definitely correspond to the way you prefer to sleep, or how you find yourself sleeping most of the time (side, back, stomach). Ultimately you need a mattress that keeps your spine in proper aligned position. By example, Ted and Stacey’s Mattress Guides recommend that a softer mattress could be ideal for a side-sleeper, while a medium-firm mattress work better for back-sleepers as they more properly cradle the spine.

4. Size: It’s not quite as simple as choosing between a king and a queen mattress. You should also consider your height, as some mattresses are a better fit for shorter people while tall people will want a longer mattress so their limbs aren’t hanging over the edge of the bed.

5. Stability: For couples, consider how the mattress reacts when you or your partner move or change positions, as not to disturb the other person’s hopefully good night’s sleep.

Thank you for checking out this edition of the San Mateo Real Estate blog! It just so happens that I, Ramy Sghayer, C21 Realtor®, recently purchased a mattress and would be more than happy to recommend a great mattress which my wife and I recently purchased. And as always, you can give me a call for all your real estate needs at (650)691-5189 or email at!